Men are at higher risk of contracting leptospirosis: BMC report

So far, seven deaths have been reported due to leptospirosis


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has published a report stating that water-borne diseases have increased in this year's monsoon season. The report also stated that men are at major risk of contracting leptospirosis. So far, seven people have lost their lives owing to leptospirosis.

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According to BMC's report, men in the age group between 14 and 29 have fallen prey to leptospirosis. The BMC believes that more than women, men are the ones who walk in muddy and flooded water and so, have highest chances of contracting leptospirosis. As per the statistics, so far, 76 per cent of men have contracted leptospirosis in comparison to women, where only 24 per cent women have contracted the disease.

Along with leptospirosis, gastro cases have also increased in the city. In July 2017, total 1010 gastro cases were recorded and in July 2018, 1089 gastro cases were recorded. Along with this, Malaria cases have also increased where 752 patients have been admitted to government-run hospital. Likewise, 995 dengue patients have also been reported this year while last year, 653 dengue cases were recorded.

The BMC has given some tips in order to prevent leptospirosis

  • If there is an injury anywhere on the body or leg, avoid going in rain water
  • If anyone comes home after walking in flooded water, wash hands and legs with soap and water
  • If anyone is feeling feverish or having stomach pain, one should not take medicines on their own but should take doctor's advice
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