Historical value being ignored by the BMC?

 Sion Koliwada
Historical value being ignored by the BMC?

In the Sion Koliwada region, on Tamil Sangam Road, a milestone from the British era numbered ‘8’ has been damaged and unattended for the last eight days.

BMC’s dumper vehicle rammed into this milestone and the milestone took a hit and broke off.

But the BMC officials haven’t reacted to the broken piece of milestone which is such a vintage piece.

The British-era stone was used to measure the distance between roads earlier. As time changed, the distance was measured in ‘Kilometers’. There are 15 such milestones in the city, all of them grade-1 heritage structures built during the British rule, but not all of them have been found.

Despite their historical value, several milestones continue to face the threat of encroachments or road work.

BMC had planned to restore the British-era stones but looking at this particular case, there are doubts over the actual restoration of the milestones.

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