Don’t have faith in government’s assurance; agitation will remain: Ajay Navale

Despite state government’s assurance, the dairy farmers have not got the honest price for the supply of milk


The dairy farmers in Maharashtra stated that they get only ₹17 per litre for the milk instead of the promised  ₹27 by an ordinance of the state government and farmers suffer huge financial losses. Reacting to this, the agitated farmers have initiated a free milk distribution movement, "लुटता कशाला फुकट घ्या" (Milk, free of cost), from May 3 to May 9.

The State Milk Producers’ Sangharsh Samiti said that the movement will go on till May 9 and if the government doesn’t pay the dairy farmer ₹27 per litre, they will stop the supply of Milk in Mumbai and Thane.

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Reacting to this, the Dairy Development Minister Mahadev Jankar ordered that the government and private Milk Federation will assure ₹27 per litre to the farmers for the milk. He further asserted that failing to do so will invite prosecution.

However, the Samiti said that they do not have faith in the assurance given by the government. All Indian Kisan Sabha’s farmer leader Ajit Navale spoke to Mumbai Live and said that the agitation will continue until the dairy farmers get the receipt of ₹27 in their hands.

Earlier in June 2017, the Maharashtra government issued an ordinance and assured to pay ₹27 per litre to farmers for providing milk. However, after 11 months, the decision has not been implemented and the farmers have faced a huge financial loss. 

This agitation has come after a long wait by the farmers to earn what they actually deserve and the responsibility falls, solely, on the government now.

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