Over a lakh unsterilised stray dogs on the streets of Mumbai


What’s the story?

The BMC had claimed that they would sterilise a percentage of stray dogs in Mumbai but a shocking revelation shows over 1,00,000 unsterilised strays in the city.

One lakh stray dogs 

According to the BMC, in the last 3 years, 25,000 dogs have been sterilized. Out of the 95,172 dogs existing in 2014, 25,933 stray dogs were not sterilised. Of them 14,671 were male and 11,262 were female. Taking into account the dog reproduction rate, the number of stray dogs in the city presently could be around one lakh.

INR 6.47 Cr spent on 2,34,434 dogs 

The Dog Control Department has created a program called ‘Animal Birth Control’ (ABC Program) to curb the growing number of dogs since 1994. After the High Court order in 1998, many NGOs started participating in this program. According to statistics, from October 1998 to March 31, 2011, in 13 years, 2,34,434 dogs were sterilised, in which INR 6.47 Cr was spent for this project. After a good response to this program, it has suddenly declined. From 2011 to March 2017, about 50,000 dogs were sterilised. 

So far, INR 10 Cr has been spent on the sterilisation program that has been run since 1998, after this, there is a budget of INR 8.61 Cr for the upcoming program.

Institutions appointed for sterilisation

  • Welfare of Stray Dogs: Mahalaxmi
  • Bombay Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Parel
  • In Defense of Animals: Devnar
  • Nonviolence: Malad
  • Uttarksha Star Mitra Mandal: Mulund
  • Universal Animal Welfare Society: Malad