Every year, Maharashtra Housing And Area Development Authority’s (MHADA) Mumbai Building Repair and Reconstruction Board releases a list of dilapidated and dangerous buildings. Continuing the same, this year too, seven cessed buildings in  Mumbai have been declared as a dilapidated. Out of 403 tenants, who have been residing in these buildings, only 117 tenants will be shifted to transit camps, confirmed state housing minister Prakash Mehta.

The seven cessed buildings  which have been declared dilapidated are:

  1. 144 M.G. Road A 11630- A Ward
  2. 208-220 Kazi Sayyed Street- B1 Ward
  3. 101-111 Bara Imam Road (Cess- 7255)- C 1 Ward
  4. 30-32- 2 Sutar lane (Cess-6626 (1)- C 3 Ward
  5. 69-81 Khetwadi 3rd lane, Ganesh Bhuvan (Cess-1767)- D 2
  6. 39 Chowpatty Sea Face- D 3 Ward
  7. 46-50- Clair road, Lucky Mansion- E 2 Ward

On being asked about tenants denying the offer, Mehta told Mumbai Live that if tenants don’t leave buildings, then power and water supply will be cut off. Even if they don’t move out then will call the police and will move them forcibly.

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