Mumbai’s Azad Maidan: Muslim Women protest against Triple Talaq bill

They asserted that Triple Talaq Bill goes against the Muslim women


Thousands of Muslim women on Saturday protested at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan against the ‘Triple Talaq’ bill being brought out by the government. They said that banning triple talaq is against the Sharia law.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) female members stayed mum as their sign of protest against the Triple talaq bill and asserted that this bill is flawed, inaccurate, and unconstitutional.

The women protesting at Azad Maidan told that through this bill the government is trying to interfere with the Muslim law board and they won’t tolerate it. They further narrated that this bill is against the Muslim women.

“The central government is exploiting the Muslim women by making a law on Triple talaq,” the protesting women added.

Focusing on their major concern, they asked that who will take care of the family earnings, after the divorce, if the husband goes to jail.  

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