Elphinstone Road Stampede Tragedy: People pay tribute to the deceased on the first anniversary of the tragic incident

Elphinstone Road station on September 29, 2017, witnessed a tragic incident that claimed the lives of 23 people. On the first anniversary of the tragic incident, people offered their homage to the deceased

Elphinstone Road Stampede Tragedy: People pay tribute to the deceased on the first anniversary of the tragic incident

On September 29, 2017, one of the most tragic events took place due to heavy rain and an unfortunate rumour due to which chaos spread at Elphinstone Station. The heart-wrenching incident took Mumbaikars by shock as 23 people died in the stampede. Today, a year after the incident, the citizens offered their tribute to the deceased and lit candles on the bridge as a symbol of their homage. Apart from promises and condolences, the passengers stated that the authorities had nothing else to offer and claimed the situation hasn’t been any better at Mumbai's Elphinstone station.

What happened?

Around 10:30 am last year, Central Mumbai received showers due to which several passengers had halted on the foot overbridge to avoid getting wet from the rain. On the other hand, trains were gradually arriving on the platforms of both Parel and Elphinstone Road station leading to a collection of a huge crowd. And then, all of a sudden, there was a loud sound that instigated the rumour that one side of the bridge had fallen. One thing led to another and what followed next, claimed the lives of 23 people and left a never-curing scar on thousands of citizens.

The Aftermath

After the stampede, Bombay High Court ordered the declaration of the no-hawker zone near 150 metres of a railway station. However, at several railway stations in Mumbai, the hawkers have once again invaded the areas. On the other hand, Central Railways and Western Railways claimed that over 30 new bridges have been built till now but it seems that the passengers have found the bridges at unnecessary places.

A year after the incident, when people visited the bridge, the barbaric images of the incident flashed through their minds. The relatives of the deceased had visited the bridge to offer their respects but were hurt by the memories of the tragic incident. 12-year-old Rohit Ankush was one of the many that died that day and his parents visited the site to offer a teary-homage to their son.  

What can we change?

Time is valuable for the impatient officegoers who tend to push and shove others on their way. However, one such push could trip someone in the path of an oncoming train and put an end to their journey forever. After a year of the fateful incident, isn’t it our responsibility that we understand that someone’s life is more essential than a few minutes of haste.