Single-use plastic might be banned October 2 onwards

Central Government has issued an advisory for all the states asking them the curb the production of single-use plastic before October 2


We are all aware of the damage caused by plastic to our environment. Keeping the interest of environment in mind, the Central Government has decided to ban the production of single-use plastic. Central Government has issued an advisory asking them to curb the single-use plastic production prior to October 2. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had appealed to the people to refrain from using plastic.

Some states already have a ban against plastic bags and shopkeepers and vendors have started packing goods in cloth/jute bags as a replacement for the plastic bags.

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According to the advisory, the production of single-use plastic will be shut down entirely. In Maharashtra the usage of plastic bags, plastic cutlery, cups, spoons, plates along with thermocol products has been banned in March 2019 but the implementation has been sloppy.

Along with this, the ministry is expected to come out with a clear definition of single-use plastic soon to help people understand the material. In addition to this, the private and government offices have been instructed to stop the usage of plastic cutlery and products across the Indian states and Union territories.

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