Part of building collapses; one dies

    Mumbai  -  

    Dadar - On 15th February, part of under construction building ‘Tejal’ fell down around 5.15 pm. One got injured while one Ola cab driver died in a incident. Police and civic employees are interrogating each and everyone in the vicinity of the icident. Whereas, civic worker said that the building was being constructed for the redevlopment purpose. Before civic workers realised, part of it collapsed on the car which was parked below the building.

    I was standing here only. I saw the Ola cab driver arrived at the building, he dropped the kid. The moment he turned his car to leave, part of slab fell on his car and he died on the spot,” said Girish Dal, eyewitness.
    Fire brigade officials rushed to the spot and managed to save many lives. However, a cab driver died in this incident.

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