Printers hike prices to counter rising paper costs

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    Printers hike prices to counter rising paper costs
    Mumbai  -  

    The Bombay Masters Printers Association has decided to hike printing costs by 15 per cent, to counter the rise in paper costs in the last two months.

    The National and Local Association of Printers told the media on Thursday that the 30 per cent rise in costs of paper in the last two months due to increase in costs in pulp, overheads and labour costs in countries like USA, China and in Europe has caused this hike. The hike in India has been necessitated to ensure that the 2.5 lakh printers in the country do not suffer from the paper cost hikes effected in the last few months.

    The Association has now sought the help of regular clients like banks, pharma companies, newspapers and publishing houses to bear the additional costs. Mumbai Printers Association president Tushar Dhote said that the printers would need to resort to a strike to focus attention on their demands.

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