Dadar’s Silver Beach society generates zero waste

Dadar’s Silver Beach society generates zero waste
Dadar , Mumbai  -  

In Mumbai, there are few societies which are active in waste segregation and composting. One such society is Dadar’s Silver Beach society which is a zero waste society. They have hired a "safai" worker who segregates dry and wet waste and maintains cleanliness.

This society has 37 flats and more than 200 people stay in the society. On a daily basis, 18 to 20 kg dry waste is generated, out of which wet waste is put in a composting pit and then fertilized and used in society gardens. 

Residents were inspired from Shivaji Park’s ALM’s Tasneem Shulkul who has been active in composting and creating fertilizer.

Waste segregation is very important and every society must follow it. If you see Dadar’s beach, you will see all the waste lying on the shores. This is because all the waste which flows from Mithi river and settles down at the shores. Residents should come forward and keep your surrounding clean,” Sonali Chitale, resident.

We use the wet waste for composting and then the fertilizer which is made we use it in our gardens," Nirmala Mundhar, resident.

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