Paramedical Council Act to be implemented soon

    Paramedical Council Act to be implemented soon
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    Maharashtra Government will soon be implementing the Maharashtra Paramedical Council Act 2011. The state government is going to implement this act to maintain and control the standards of education and medical laboratory science in the state and to maintain them.

    The Maharashtra Paramedical Council Act 2011 was passed by the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council in 2012 and it got the consent at the same time from the President. However, the President had given some suggestions, after which certain amendments were made in this act based on the recommendations. Recently, in March 2017, the bill has also been passed by both the Houses of State Legislature along with receiving the consent of the state governor.  The government will now issue a gadget notification by forming a proper channel for the implementation of the act.

    Praveen Shinagare, Director of Medical Research and Research (DMER) while speaking to Mumbai Live, said that a total of 21 assistants will be appointed in the Pathology Lab in hospitals. Also the registration of Lab will be done through the Council. These 21 assistants will assist in sections like Operation Theater, Pathology Lab, X-ray Technician will be appointed.

    Where will be the council headquarters?

    Council headquarters or Cama Hospital could be either in T. George Hospital or Cama Hospital which will be decided soon.

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