SRA to conduct drone survey to oust illegal slum-dwellers

So far SRA has completed a survey of 1.95 lakh slums


The slum redevelopment scheme (SRA) has been designed to help the slum-dwellers by providing them pucca houses. But, this scheme has a lot of loopholes which allows people to violate the norms. There have been many cases of forging papers and allocating houses to people who are not the actual owners.

In order to stop this, SRA has started door to door biometric surveys to oust the illegal house owners. But this is not helping the same. Hence, SRA will begin survey through a drone.

Survey of 1.95 lakh slums is completed

Last year, SRA started door to door biometric survey and until now, a survey of 1.95 lakh huts has been completed so far. 

However, there are still hundreds of hutments left behind. But, many slum dwellers are trying to showcase that they have two huts. So, the SRA decided to carry out drone surveys and prepare the slum map, said Chief Information Officer of SRA Deepak Kapoor.

Survey by drone

With the help of a battery-operated drone, photos will be clicked in five different ways. The SRA has claimed that this will help to expedite the survey. Significantly, SRA claims that this survey will teach a lesson to bogus slum dwellers but it will also stop builders from committing crimes.

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