Bandra’s Kalanagar can remain waterlogged again this year

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has not completed widening and deepening of Chamdawadi stormwater drain, as a result of which the area is under danger to waterlogging this monsoon


The Kalanagar and Kherwadi areas of Bandra pose a great danger to water-logging in monsoon again this year. Keeping in mind that the Brihanmumbai Municipal  (BMC) has not completed widening and deepening of Chamdawadi stormwater drain, there are higher chances that these areas will be flooded once again during the monsoon this year.

Along with Kalanagar, there has been an incident of water-logging in Kherwadi several times last year as we recall August 28, 2017, when both of these areas were submerged in heavy rain. Last year, the BMC announced that by narrowing of gutters, the rainwater could be drained and there will be no such problems of waterlogging in these areas.

The work of widening culverts and desilting the drain was to be carried out from Western Express Kalanagar to Nandadeep Culvert in order to get the water out of the way. But the project was not completed on time. MMRDA had also given NOC to the BMC for the work of the drain to be commissioned before the rains, but due to paperwork delay, the proposal was halted.

The drain stretches from ONGAC to Kherwadi towards the West Express Highway. It is eight meters wide until ONGC but gets widened by two to four metres towards the Kherwadi end. Assistant Commissioner of H / East Division, Alka Sasane says that the proposal to withdraw the bottleneck of the drain has been proposed and is being worked on.

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