Water supply in parts of Mumbai to be restored by midnight

Water supply in parts of Mumbai to be restored by midnight

On the Budget day, water supply in several areas of Mumbai was impacted. Due to a water pipe leadking several citizens in Andheri (both east and west), Jogeshwari and Vile Parle complained that there was no or little water supply. 

Aditya Thackeray who is the Cabinet Minister of Tourism and Environment Government of Maharashtra., took to his Twitter to announce that this water supply was hampered due to a leakage in the water pipe. He assured that the repair work already being done and the water supply will be restored by midnight.

He told that he had taken an update on this from the officers that are on the ground as well.

Replying to his tweet, the citizens thanked him for the update but also suggested that other temporary relief measures should be announced.

One of the Mumbaikars who hails from Vile Parle said that the water supply of entire Vile Parle was imapcted. There was a huge queue infornt of shops to buy drinking water. Even water tanks were not taking their calls. 

Another citizen took this oppertunity to suggest making water harvesting compulsary in the socities of Mumbai. He urged the government to implement plans which can help in coverserving a natural resource like water.

Another Twitter user suggested that people should help their neighbours at the time of need. He stressed that they should come to the rescue of people living in slums with drinking water and that for cooking and bathing. 

We also think that this is indeed a great suggestion and people living in these areas should try and help with drinking water. At the time of shortage like these, water tankers are in short supply and one often sees long queue infront of the same. 

Here 's an update that the engineer on site has to share: 

Earlier in the week, a video of a pipe burst at a metro contruction site had gone viral. BMc has confirmed that the shortage of water is caused by the damage to this line. They have also reiterated what Aaditya Thackeray said that the water supply will be restored by tonight.

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Update: The repair work has been completed and the water supply is expected to back to normal


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