• Where is cheaper chana dal, people ask

Mumbai – Looking at the approaching Diwali, the State government authorities had said a few days ago that the government will sell chana dal at Rs 70 per kg. Even after two days of Diwali celebrations, chana dal at the quoted price is not available in the market. The present rates of this pulse are between Rs 135 to Rs 145 per kilogram. People are already affected by the inflation and they are still waiting to buy dal at cheaper rates. Dhanjibhai Solanki, a shopkeeper, said that he has not received any dal at Rs 70 per kg and he has not received any government order to sell dal at this rate. Here is a short list of shops where dal rate (given in bracket) is nowhere near Rs 70. Gangashi Umarji & Sons (Rs 136), Milan Masala Stores (Rs 144) and Classic Super Bazar (Rs 140).

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