15 years old dies in brawl with neighbour

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    Goregaon - A routine scuffle between neighbours caused the death of a teenager in Goregaon.

    The incident took place in Goregaon when Meghna Agawane (15) was coming towards her home from tuition classes. A neighbour asked Meghna to take another route, after which an argument started. In the heat of the moment, the woman hit Meghna with a bucket.

    The complaint was registered against the neighbour in the police station. According to Meghna's family, the police didn't take any action, consequently, Meghna's sister Pooja went to the neighbour's house. The neighbour's family allegedly started thrashing every member of the Agawane family which included Meghna's father, Meghna and Pooja. Meghna was rushed to the Siddharth hospital where she was declared dead on admission. 

    Police have arrested six persons on charges of assault and homicide.

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