Everyday, Eight vehicles get stolen in the city: Mumbai Police

In the past 10 months, 2,694 vehicles have been stolen and have been reported by Mumbai Police


As per Mumbai Police, in the last 10 months, every day approximately eight vehicles are stolen throughout the city. The data shared by Mumbai Police comes from the complaints registered with them since the last 10 months.

As per the data, in the above mentioned time span, 2,694 vehicles had been stolen. However, on the other hand, Mumbai Police have been successful in retrieving only 1,000 stolen vehicles and are yet to trace the remaining stolen vehicles. 

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Last year, more than 3,000 vehicles were stolen in Mumbai, out of which, Mumbai Police were able to solve the robbery case of 935 vehicles. Whereas, from January to October this year, the police reported the robbery of 2,694 vehicles. 

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