Girl demands ransom after befriending a man on OkCupid

In an alleged case of ransom, a 25-year-old has recently been arrested for recording a man naked and then uploading the photo on social media after he refused to pay her money.

Girl demands ransom after befriending a man on OkCupid

According to sources, a 25-year-old girl has recently been arrested for asking ransom from a businessman in Marine Drive, Mumbai, after recording him naked on a video call.

OkCupid which has millions of followers had accused Riddhi Srivastava registered on this application. Not only from the businessman, the accused allegedly asked for ransom from a tea seller as well. A case has been registered regarding the same against the 25-year-old woman at the Marine Drive police station.

The victim had met a 25-year-old girl named Riddhi Srivastava through the dating application called OkCupid. After chatting there for a long time, she asked the complainant for his mobile number. On January 11, the complainant received a video call from the girl. During the conversation, the young woman asked him to get naked. Post the video session, the victim received a threatening phone call from a person who demanded money so that the victim could avoid defamation.

However, it turned out that the young woman who befriended the victim in the dating application was actually a member of a cyber ransom gang. Eventually, he refused to pay. The accused then defamed him by uploading his photo on social media.

In recent developments, the complainant then lodged a complaint with the Marine Drive Police. Accordingly, the police have registered a case under Section 384 (ransom) and 503 (threatening to defame). Moreover, the Marine Drive police have registered a case under the Information and Technology Misuse Prevention Act following a complaint by the GST superintendent.

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