HDFC VP Murder Case: Accused sent to police custody till September 19

The accused, Sarfraz Sheikh admitted to murdering HDFC Bank VP Siddharth Sanghvi with an intention to rob him to pay his motorcycle EMIs

HDFC VP Murder Case: Accused sent to police custody till September 19

HDFC Vice-President Siddharth Sanghvi was not murdered due to professional enmity but over EMI payment.

20-year-old accused Raees aka Sarfraz Sheikh, admitted to murdering Sanghvi by slitting his throat in the parking lot and dumping his body near Haji Malang road in Kalyan. Bhoiwada’s Magistrate court has sent the accused to police custody till September 19, 2018. 

Here's what happened  

Accused Sheikh was working as a daily wage labourer in Kamala Mills Compound, where Sanghvi worked as a banking professional. Both fairly knew each other. A few months ago, the accused had purchased a motorcycle but was unable to pay EMIs. In order to pay the increasing debt, he decided to rob someone by threatening their life. He knew that Sanghvi held a high post at HDFC, Mumbai, and his office timings (9:00 am to 8:00 pm) as well. The accused accordingly planned to rob Sanghvi.

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HDFC, Lower Parel, had its parking lot on the third floor of the building. The accused knew that the security guard would be present in the parking lot between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. 

He planned to loot him post 6:00 pm and he knew about no CCTV cameras being placed in the parking lot. Considering everything, on September 5, the accused cornered Sanghvi in the parking lot. 

When the accused tried robbing Sanghvi (by placing the knife on his throat), the latter told him that he would file a police complaint against him. 

In the heat of the moment, Sheikh slit his throat and wrapped his dead body in a cloth, and kept it at the back of his car. 

The accused took the body and discarded it at Haji Malang road, Kakadwala Village in Kalyan. After disposing the body, he parked Sanghvi’s car at Navi Mumbai’s Kopar Khairane and fled. 

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Meanwhile, Sanghvi’s missing case was covered by all mainstream media publications and police had formed search teams as well. Reacting to the development, Sheikh changed Sanghvi's mobile phone sim card and replaced it with his own and called Sanghvi’s wife. Assuring Sanghvi's well being, Sheikh asked her not to worry about her husband. 

This call helped the police to trace the accused and unravel the entire case. 

During interrogation, the accused admitted to murdering the HDFC Bank Vice-President. Police found Sheikh’s handprints and Sanghvi’s blood stains in the car and are further investigating the case to see if Sheikh was the only one involved or was helped by others. 


On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, HDFC Bank Vice-President Siddharth Sanghvi (39) of Lower Parel branch went missing. He left his home at his usual time but did not return. His family filed a missing complaint with NM Joshi Marg police. While investigating, on September 9, 2018, the police found Sanghvi’s car abandoned at Navi Mumbai’s Kopar Khairane with blood stains on the seat cover. The next day, the police arrested the accused who admitted of murdering and dumping his body at Kalyan’s Haji Malang road.

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