Biometrics will now help Mumbai police to nab criminals

    Biometrics will now help Mumbai police to nab criminals
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    The Mumbai Police, often compared to Scotland Yard, arguably the best in the business, have been stumped by criminals using the best of technology to outwit the law and order system.

    The city police are now hitting back by going hi tech themselves. To  track down criminals who often change their appearance for a repeat offence, the police have launched the ABMIS (Automated Biometric Identification System ). This machine will have all the data of offenders and data will be accessible for police officers at a click.

    How does ABMIS work?
    ABMIS is a biometric machine which will be installed in all police stations along with a desktop console which will have all the information of recorded criminals. Whenever a criminal will be brought to a police station, they will have to submit biometric data which will include an impression of their fingerprints and iris. Along with this, their photographs will be clicked for the records. These records will be then shared with Mumbai Police HQ.

    There are many cases where criminals undergo surgery and change their identity as well to dodge the police. However, his machine will enable the police officers to track down such criminals.

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