Colaba police in search of Shweta’s murderer

Colaba police in search of Shweta’s murderer

Mumbai police yet to find the murderer of Colaba resident Shweta who was found dead with her neck slit in her own residence. She was murdered on Wednesday when there was no one at her home.

On Wednesday around 9 am, like every other day, Shweta’s husband and brother in law left for their work. Around 11 am, a guy named Hitesh, who was apparently staying with the family also left for work. In the noon time, when one of their neighbour called Shweta, she did not respond. Suspecting a foul play, she went to her home and found Shweta in a pool of blood. She was immediately taken to St. George hospital where she was declared dead on arrival.

According to the police, someone strangulated to her death with a pillow. After which she was taken to the bathroom where the accused tried slitting her neck with a fork. police came to this conclusion because the fork was found near her dead body with blood on it. Shweta used to reside with her husband and brother in law. The police are of the view that someone close to Shweta must have killed her as there was no sign of robbery.

Shweta who used to work with a private company had resigned days back. Police are now investigating the case and are looking out for the murderer.

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