14-year-old tries to commit suicide over mobile game

14-year-old tries to commit suicide over mobile game

On one side, the Blue Whale challenge is taking lives of children and on the another hand, a 14-year-old boy went to a railway track to kill himself. This is because his father did not allow him to play a game on a mobile phone. However, he was saved in the nick of time. He was counseled later.

14-year-old is a Vikhroli resident. He was fond of playing games on the phone. On Thursday, when his father didn't permit him to play, he got furious and hastily left from home. His anger knew no bounds as he went to end his life. He reached Parel station and tried ending his life by sleeping on the railway tracks.

A motorman stopped the train when he saw the boy lying down. Later, the motorman informed an RPF inspector who then took him to Dadar RPF station. The boy's father works as an auto driver in Vikhroli. His father was called later at around 1:00 am to Dadar RPF station and then they were let go.

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