Granny robs Granny

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    Granny robs Granny
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    Mumbai - Vada Pav is the most popular street food of Mumbaikars. Robbery by serving Vada Pav sounds strange, but it has happened!!!

    The incident took place in Rajawadi Hospital when an elderly was robbed of her gold chain. Vatsala Ahire (75) came to look after her grandson who was admitted at the hospital four days ago from Nashik.

    She became good friend with the culprit Rani, another senior citizen. On 14 January, Rani offered Vatsala  a vada pav to eat. After having Vada Pav, grandmother fainted on the spot. When she revived, her chain was stolen. Vatsala Ahire told everything to her family members post which a   complaint has been lodged in Tilak Nagar police station. Police are searching for Rani.

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