Mumbai Airport or goldmine?

 Mumbai Airport or goldmine?

In January, 112 cases of gold smuggling were exposed in Mumbai airport. About 120 kg of gold was recovered, with a market value of about Rs 35.38 crore. In all these cases, AIU (Air Intelligence Unit) had arrested 13 foreigners, including 50 Indians. In the case of smuggling, not only gold but also the consignment of narcotics has been seized at the Mumbai airport. 

Although the reduction in the drug trafficking has come to an end, in the two cases, the drugs found in them are worth crores of rupees. AIU has so far caught 16.67 kg of narcotics in two cases whose market value has been estimated at 7.64 crores. In this case, a foreigner including an Indian was arrested. Not only that, foreign currency has also been caught in large quantities.

 According to one figure, AIU has so far busted 18 cases of foreign currency in which foreign currency worth more than 30 million rupees has been recovered. In addition to smuggling, in 19 cases goods worth Rs 5.50 crore have been seized.

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