Here are 4 instances where Mumbai Police has promptly assisted Mumbaikars

Mumbai Police, over the last two-three years has shown tremendous responsiveness towards helping people in need. Here are four instances that display how Mumbai Police officials became a helping hand for Mumbaikars

Here are 4 instances where Mumbai Police has promptly assisted Mumbaikars

The relation between the public and the police force has been an interesting one. Despite the police being the protectors of society, people tend to be afraid after even hearing the word 'police' in Mumbai.  However, in order to remove the lack of connectivity between the public and police, the officials have been making relentless efforts since the last 2-3 years.

In a similar attempt, Police force in Mumbai have shown promptness and have helped people swiftly. Proving how helping and efficient the police officers are, here are four instances that display how the public servants showed promptness in helping the people.

Bag with ₹7.5 lakh jewellery found in 3 hours (August 26)

In a relief for Praveen Singh, a 42-year-old manager from a jewellery shop who lost ₹7.5 lakh jewellery in an autorickshaw, Mumbai police displayed promptness which resulted in the bag being found in just three hours.

Mumbai Police managed to retrieve the bag in a mere three hours with the help of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. The CCTV cameras tracked the number plate of the autorickshaw and then traced the driver.

After which, the police found the bag from the rickshaw and handed it over to Singh.

Lost three-year-old reunited with her family in a day(July 31)

On July 30, a photograph of a young girl wrapped in a blue towel and sporting two ponytails had been circulated on WhatsApp and other social media platforms with a message:

This girl was found at our Bianca building gate at Yari Road Versova today at 3:30 pm. A passerby said somebody drove off in an auto after leaving her there. She’s still in the A-wing, outside the gym. The police are coming to take her with them. If someone can identify her and alert her family, please reach out to the Versova police station. Do spread the word.

After which, the police officials decided to take the matter in their hands and Versova Police immediately reached the spot. As they talked with the girl, she told them that her name was Sakshi and her father’s name was Santosh.

However, when they didn't find any family member, they took Sakshi to the police station. On the other hand, a 29-year-old man from Bhagatsingh Nagar in Goregaon rushed to the police station to register a complaint about his missing three-year-old daughter.

The man was identified as Santosh Kumar Om Prakash Sav. After which, the parents were called to Versova police station where the police handed the girl to Santosh after verifying the girl's identity card.

The police stated that the man was in a rush as he had to take his pregnant wife to the hospital which was nearby to the place where the girl was found. In a hurry, he forgot to take the girl along and she was lost.

Aarey Colony police help trace a girl's lost phone in 12 hours (August 16)

For a Mumbaikar, it isn't very uncommon to lose a phone while travelling but what is really uncommon, is finding it back once it is lost. A 19-year-old girl got lucky due to the diligent efforts from the Aarey Police officers as they found the phone in just 12 hours. 

The girl had allegedly forgotten her phone in the rickshaw while going to her film school in Film City, Goregaon at around 9:30 am. Upon realising, she had lost her phone, the girl who is originally from Ahmedabad, panicked and rushed with a friend to get CCTV footage from the security personnel at the gate.

After which, she informed the local police as she rushed to the Aarey police station. To her surprise, the police asked her to carry on with her day and assured her that the phone would be retrieved. After which, the police found out the driver's address mentioned in his registration documents.

Eventually, they paid him a visit and through the neighbours informed him about the phone. After which, they asked him to keep the phone safe as they would come to take the phone back later. Subsequently, the phone was at the police station by 9:30 pm.

Railway Protection Force recovers lost purse in 30 minutes (August 22)

Vashi resident, Paromita Iyer who is a government insurance company employee reached home on August 21 just like her usual routine at around 9:30 pm. However, she realised that her purse was missing and that caused her to panic as the wallet contained debit cards, credit cards along with cash.

While she might have lost all the hope to recover her wallet back, to her surprise, the Vashi Railway Police Force (RPF) brought her back her wallet within 30 minutes of her complaint.

On Wednesday evening, she boarded an 8:13 pm local train from CSMT towards Vashi and lost her wallet in the train, only to realise about it afterward. After which, when she filed a complaint with Vashi RPF post, the train rake had gone to car shed but the police managed to find her purse and called her to collect it.

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