CID rescues runaway kid

    CID rescues runaway kid
    Mumbai  -  

    Every parent wants his/her child to be well educated. In today’s modern world there is cutthroat competition at every level. To make sure that our child remains on top parents push them for hard work. Sometimes this could pose serious problems as in the case of a 14-year-old boy who left his home because of day to day scolding from his dad.

    Ranveer Singh Rawat (45) works as a security guard. Rawat used to shout at his son every now and then. Rawat was pressurising him for extra study. Rawat’s son went to school on 2 January 2017 and didn’t come back. Rawat filed a missing complaint in Mulund, but police could not find the boy. 

    The family approached the court for help and the case was handed over to CID. A few days back Rawat’s wife received the call from unknown number. CID traced the number and found the boy in Goregaon. When asked why did he leave the house, the boy told everything that immense pressure from dad to study made him do so. Police took Changutam Yadav (28), who took care of the boy in the custody and started probing.

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