Police register 375 drink and drive cases during Holi celebrations

In total, Mumbai traffic police took action against 2,952 people including bike riders who rode without helmets


In order to maintain security and peace during Holi celebrations, Mumbai traffic police took action against 375 people who were found drunk while driving.

Along with this, they also took action against 1,342 riders who rode the bike without a helmet, 186 people who were riding three on a bike, 19 people who were speeding and along with 1030 people, in total, 2,952 people were prosecuted.

According to the traffic officials, this year, traffic police saw a slight decrease in the number of drink and drive cases as compared to last year, where police had registered 687 cases.

During Holi celebrations, along with police officials, 1,292 traffic police were patrolling the streets. Along with this, action was taken against people who were breaking the rules despite nakabandi.

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