What is Operation All Out conducted by Mumbai Police?

Operation All Out is carried out by Mumbai Police every month to keep the law and order in the city in check.

What is Operation All Out conducted by Mumbai Police?

Operation All Out is conducted every month across Mumbai, prior to any major occasion or festival in the city. It is managed under the guidance of the Mumbai Police Commissioner who in this instance is Hemant Nagrale. During this round of operations, he ensured maximum manpower at each station for adequate law and order governance in the city.

This month’s operation commenced on Saturday night and was in action till Sunday morning, wherein over 265 individuals were arrested. The police went on to raid 252 places and traced 1036 accused who were either on bail or were banished. Out of these, 383 accused were located.

Mumbai Police also performed nakabandi at 201 spots at which 75 motorists were booked for drinking and driving. Action against an additional 1759 took place for other violations. Under the provisions of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 99 people were arrested and 35 were brought behind bars with weapons. In addition to this, 38 absconding accused who was wanted across the city were also detained. Officers in the police force also checked 895 hotels and lodges and directed raids across 43 locations in Mumbai. During this, they apprehended 93 persons who had non-bailable warrants issued against them.

The primary motive of exercising these combing operations is to not only arrest criminals who were banished but also to ensure the smooth functioning of law and order in the city. It also acts as a force of deterring accustomed offenders from committing crimes.

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