Shiv Sena Leader Murder Case: Six suspects confess their crime

Nilesh Sharma and Brijesh Patel conspired against Sachin Sawant and hired a sharpshooter for ₹10 lakh to "remove the obstacle".


Sachin Sawant (46), the former Shiv Sena chief of Malad's Kurar village, was killed on April 23 on his way to Shiv Sena's shakha. Six people had been arrested in connection with Sawant's murder and have confessed to having killed him due to past enmity. 

The names of the accused are Lokesh Devendra Singh, Abhay alias Barkya Kisan Patil, Satyendra alias Sonu Ramji Pal, Nilesh Ramashankar Sharma, Brijesh alias Brija Nathuram Patel, Amit Niranjan Singh, Brijesh Parkash Singh. All the accused have confessed that they murdered Sawant due to prejudice regarding the SRA project. 

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Sachin Sawant was the Vice-President of Shiv Sena's branch number 39, Appapada area of Malad. Nilesh Sharma worked with Sawant for a long time and they had no issues but according to Nilesh, he was disturbed by the fact that he worked really hard but Sawant did not give money and behaved inappropriately with him.

On the other hand, Sawant and Brijesh Patel had some disputes regarding Durga Nagar Cooperative Housing Society's SRA project. And so both, Nilesh and Brijesh conspired against Sawant and hired a sharpshooter for ₹10 lakh to ‘remove the obstacle’.

This has been the third incident of the death of a Shiv Sena official in North Mumbai. Earlier, former Shiv Sena corporator and resident of Samtanagar area of Kandivali, Ashok Sawant, sub-divisional head of Borivali was also brutally murdered. In 2015, Shiv Sena's film secretary Raju Shinde was shot dead after he was issued a contract. 

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