Shiv Sena leader Murder Case: Police arrested four people including two sharpshooters

The police have arrested four people from Uttar Pradesh for questioning in connection with the murder of Shiv Sena leader Sachin Sawant


After Shiv Sena leader Sachin Sawant was shot dead in Malad’s Kurar village, the police have arrested four people from Uttar Pradesh. Of the four arrested, two of them are identified as sharpshooters.

On April 23, 2018, around 9:30 at night, Sawant was riding on a two-wheeler with his friend and he took four bullets in the firing. Sawant was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital – Shatabdi Hospital – but he was declared dead.

Sanjay Sawant, brother of the late Shiv Sena leader, informed the media that the attack might be over the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) project. The development project was underway in Kurar Village. Earlier in 2009, Sachin Sawant was attacked but he managed to escape from getting killed but no one was arrested after the attack.

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After 15 days of tireless efforts, Kurar police has arrested four people and two accused are sharpshooters from Uttar Pradesh. Police informed that they have been arrested for questioning in connection with the murder of Sachin Sawant. As of now, the police have not announced the names of the accused.

Before this, two of the Shiv Sena office bearers have been killed in Mumbai. Shiv Sena Corporator Ashok Sawant was brutally murdered and in 2015, Shiv Sena’s Raju Shinde was shot dead over a contract. 

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