Dharavi Model: Success story of the police in 'Dharavi Pattern'

The “Dharavi pattern” has been successful in breaking the chain of the coronavirus.

Dharavi Model: Success story of the police in 'Dharavi Pattern'

The success story of Dharavi with regards to controlling the spread of the coronavirus has become exponentially famous with the Chief of World Health Organizing (WHO) praising the model. The “Dharavi pattern” has been successful in breaking the chain of the coronavirus. Along with the police, the doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, cleaners, MPs, MLAs, state administration, municipal corporations and other people's representatives did their best to control the coronavirus in Dharavi.

Anil Deshmukh, Home Minister of Maharashtra, has also stated that he is proud of the fundamental performance by the officers and the employees of the police department in this campaign. Deshmukh further added that the police have been alerting the people of Dharavi through various means and have been successful in controlling the spread of the contagious disease.

Some of the efforts undertaken by the police are noted below:

Immediately after the infiltration of the coronavirus in Dharavi, the police were alerted. Dharavi happens to be a slum cluster with an extremely dense population, narrow streets; a situation where only one person can pass through at a time. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to observe social distancing in such conditions. In order to contain the spread, the police started raising awareness through various means.

Spreading awareness through a loudspeaker from a police vehicle and using state-of-the-art drones to alert people through loudspeakers are some of the methods the police had opted for. These state-of-the-art drones covered an area of about four kilometres. The police also made an audio clip of what to watch out pertaining to the coronavirus and broadcasted it through WhatsApp groups, holding meetings at social security distances, and transmitting information about the clip to the public through loudspeakers in temples and mosques.

Furthermore, meeting the daily needs of the people during this pandemic also happens to be a challenge for the administration. The police have assisted the administration regarding this work as well. Spreading awareness about the coronavirus to the shopkeepers, moving vegetable and meat shops to open spaces were some of the methods undertaken by the police. Similarly, free meals were also provided to approximately 30,000 people twice a day through social organizations in the area. A large number of Biharis living in the Dharavi area for business were also invited through the Bihari Janata Association. Importantly, the police called 2-3 volunteers each from different parts of Dharavi to the police station and gave them detailed guidance about COVID-19 and through them succeeded in controlling the crowd in the area.

Free distribution of masks and sanitizers

Masks and sanitizers were distributed to the poor people of Dharavi during this period. At least 2 lakh masks and 1 lakh sanitizers were distributed with the help of social organizations. Also, 5 lakh ready mixed food packets were distributed to the people living in these slums as well.

Overseas workers

In the Dharavi area, many foreign workers from Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal are working. During this time the police department had a major responsibility to send them back to their state.

March and combing operations

In the midst of the lockdown, a total of 38 route marches and 28 combing operations were organized with three SRPF platoons, one CRPF company and 100 police officers from the Armed Police Force and officers from the Dharavi Police Station. During all this period, 40 police personnel and 10 SRPF jawans contracted the coronavirus. Overcoming that, the staff resumed their duties. Under the guidance of all the senior police officers including Mumbai Police Commissioner, Joint Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, the Dharavi Police Station Senior Inspector Ramesh Nangre and all his colleagues performed this important task.

This collective effort of all the elements was supported by all the people living in Dharavi in a fundamental way, which is why it has been possible to contain the spread and overcome the situation.

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