Mumbai murder mystery solved after 14 years

In 2006, a naval officer had found a dead body near the coastal region adjoining Raj Bhawan. The mystery of the dead body was unsolved for 14 years until the police managed to solve the case this year

Mumbai murder mystery solved after 14 years

Mumbai Police have managed to solve 14 years-old murder mystery. It has been revealed that five friends had murdered an individual in Mumbai's Malabar Hill for mere ₹15,000. According to the police, the accused had chopped the victim's body after murdering him and had disposed of it in the sea near the Raj Bhawan. After which, all of them had fled Mumbai.

The police had hit a dead end as they could not retrieve any information on the deceased. But upon digging deeper, Malabar Hill Police were recently able to nab two accused from Delhi.

In 2006, a naval officer had discovered a dead body wrapped in a shawl. The officer immediately contacted Malabar Hill Police who registered a case of murder and began an investigation in the matter.

The deceased's body unidentifiable but a few days later, a missing complaint filed by his sister-in-law revealed that deceased was Ransingh alias Karan Singh Valmiki, who lived in Malabar Hill.

As the police continued their investigation, it was learnt that Ransingh had provided a financial aid of ₹15,000 to his friends, Dharampal, Prempal, Veerpal aka Veersingh Satpal, Prempal aka Babaji.  However, when he asked them to return the money, the accused declined to pay back. After which, the victim had a verbal spat with them and gradually, they attacked and killed him.

The police further stated that for years, there were no signs of the accused individuals but a few days ago, Malabar Police received a tip that one of the friends had arrived in Faridabad and was living with his wife.

After which, the police made a special team and left for Delhi to arrest the accused and were able to catch him during midnight. Eventually, his interrogation led to the arrest of the other accused friend and the police booked them under IPC Sec. 302, 201, 34.