Women suffers miscarriage during demolition

Women suffers miscarriage during demolition

It seems life could not take a worse turn for Alisha, a two-month pregnant lady who allegedly suffered a miscarriage as she tried to stop the demolition of her shop-cum-home by Smita Bhoir’s team. The lady has now been admitted to a hospital where as per the doctors, her two-month old baby died due to excessive bleeding. A written complaint in this regard has been registered with the local police and MNPA.

The victim, Alisha Nitin Uttekar, was resting during the noon time at Stitching Training Center for Distressed Woman of Virar East. During this, the assistant commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, Smita Bhoir reached the training center so as to demolish it. Hence, Alisha came running out hearing the commotion and tried to stop the already going on demolition, but the commissioner pushed her, due to which the victim fell on the ground and started bleeding.

While the police is still waiting to file an FIR and take an action against the accused for reasons only known to them, Janardhan Patil, the Palghar President of Agri Sena, said that if the police does not give justice to the victim, the Agri Sena will then go on a hunger strike.

On the other hand, the Senior PI of Virar Police station says that the case needs to be investigated thoroughly, because no police personnel were present at the spot during the demolition. He further added the Assistant Commissioner did not make any arrangements for the presence of police force, but since they have a CCTV footage, and hence it is only after watching that footage that any action will be taken.

So far, the thing that pains us here is the mother did not only lose her job and but she just lost her baby and yet the police could not be any indifferent.

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