City police get a taste of 'Special 26'

City police get a taste of 'Special 26'

V P Road -  After three heists in a single day, this gang of four would have got away posing as Mumbai police had it not been for the quick response by the real cops from V P Road police station.
In a turn of events curiously reminiscent of the Akshay Kumar starrer that was also based on a true life incident, the city's VP Road police have traced a gang that posed as Mumbai police and conned three jewellers into parting with their gold. 
Interestingly, it was the CCTV footage that helped establish that all three incidents of cheating had occurred on the same day and that the gang members all looked alike. Swinging into action, the VP Road police contacted their counterparts in Karnataka's Bidar district, set up three units to trace them and managed to recover the haul. 
Senior police inspector, Sanjay Kamble said that they had seized Rs 18 lakh from the fraud gang.

This is how the gang operated - 

  •  In the first incident, the gang accosted a jeweller Kisan Dhangde and told him that his stock was counterfeit and demanded that he hand over his gold stock for purity checks. A scared Dhangde handed over gold valuables along with his own diamond ring, valued collectively at Rs 5.17 lakh. The gang fled as soon as they had their hands on the valuables.
  •  In the second incident, they accosted 29 year old Avjit Kartik and sold him a similar story. They took away a gold ring, pendant and necklace collectively valued around Rs five lakh. 
  •  Next, the four accused targeted Sushant Ghosh, and after claiming a similar story that the valuables in his possession were fake, they took away an 8.5 carat diamond, a necklace and a 62 gm gold bracelet, all valued at Rs eight lakh.

The police teams managed to reach their home address in Karnataka, but the gang had already absconded. The women in the house have been taken into custody for interrogation and the valuables have been recovered.

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