Mumbai Live Exclusive: Infamous weapons dealer Danish Ali extradited successfully by Mumbai Police

In a successful extradition, Danish Ali was recently taken under arrest by Mumbai Police, who is currently under the Crime Branch’s arrest


Dawood Ibrahim has been considered as one of the most dangerous and infamous criminals in India. While he himself is absconding, his nephew Sohail Kaskar, Danish Ali and two Pakistani citizens were nabbed by American Police, a few days ago. After which, the Indian government had been trying to extradite the gangsters as soon as possible and put in their relentless efforts to bring them to justice by bringing them back.

In a successful extradition, Danish Ali was recently taken under arrest by Mumbai Police who is currently under the Crime Branch’s arrest. The officials have kept the information a secret since it has been informed that Danish’s life is under threat and therefore, the police officers have asked to maintain anonymity.

Ali used to live in Delhi’s Jama Masjid area with his family who were financially weak. His father used to work at Jama Masjid but he retired soon due to his increasing age. He has two brothers amongst which, one is a doctor and other is a Supreme Court lawyer. Around 2001, Danish went to Dubai in search of a job where he met Sohail who sent Danish to Russia on a student visa.

Along with studying, Danish was learning to conduct business from the Russians. He learned to smuggle in Russia and in the meantime, Sohail was arrested in South Africa for smuggling diamonds. After getting released from jail, he used the corrupt South African officials to smuggle weapons which brought him under USA’s radar and brought Danish too with him.

Since the US lacked solid evidence, they decided to set a trap to nab these two. In disguise, they collected audio as well as video evidence necessary to nab these two and were arrested by the USA in 2014 when they were in disguise along with two Pakistani citizens. After being imprisoned for almost one and a half year, they were kept under police custody for the next two years.  

Later, India requested the United States to extradite Danish to them. However, due to the information about Dawood’s business, Danish’s life has been under danger and therefore, he has been kept under the safety of Mumbai Police’s Crime Branch. Now it is expected that Sohail too will be extradited from America and brought to justice in India. If things go according to plan, it could be a great revelation for Mumbai Police against the D-Company.