Woman held for murder of lady cop's daughter

    Woman held for murder of lady cop's daughter
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    Byculla - Rekha Vishwanath Sutar (38) has been arrested in Manvi Ingale (5) murder case. Manvi Ingale was thrown from 15th floor to her death. The incident took place in New Hind Mhada Colony, Byculla on 19 December 2016. Manvi was the daughter of female constable employed in the traffic department.

    DNA traces of Rekha was found in the dead body of Manvi Ingale. As per sources, Rekha's son died six months before and she went into depression. The day when Manvi died, Rekha received divorce papers. When Rekha refused to take divorce papers, Ashok Ingale was asked to make her understand.

    Rekha was very tensed and the session with Ingale infuriated her. That's why she threw Manvi off 15th Floor. Rekha will be produced in the court on Saturday.

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