Mumbai: Police arrest person who committed murder to escape embarrassment

Mahim Police sent two teams to Afzalpur in Karnataka and arrested the main accused in connection with a murder case


The police arrested the main accused Vitthal Shivlingappa Bhajangi, from Karnataka, in connection with the murder of Suraj alias ‘Kalu’. The murder happened a few days ago at Colaba Causeway. Vitthal confessed to the crime saying that he was physically involved with Suraj. 

Suraj, who lived in Mahim, worked in a hotel and met Vitthal there. They both indulged in a physical relationship and Vitthal murdered Suraj to avoid embarrassment. 

After identifying Suraj, the police went to the hotel where he worked. During the investigation, Vitthal went back to his village which raised suspicion. 

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Mahim police sent two teams to Afzalpur in Karnataka and arrested Vitthal. It was also discovered that the accused had murdered his relative too. 

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