Celebrate Independence Day With A Cause: 5 Places Where You Can Buy Seed Flags

From re-write to gift green, check out these 5 places where you can buy seed flags this Independence Day

Celebrate Independence Day With A Cause: 5 Places Where You Can Buy Seed Flags

As India is all set to celebrate its 72 years of Independence, every school, organisation or individual will celebrate it by flaunting the Indian flag by pinning it on their pockets. However, after all the celebration and events get wrapped up, it's a common sight to see the flag on the floor. Whether its Independence Day or Republic day, the tricolour really doesn't get its due respect by the end of the day.

Seed papers have commonly been in the market for making cards, however, this Indepence Day, you can now buy seed flags. Check out these 5 place where you can buy them: 

1. Paper Seed 

The makers of Paper Seed believe that an effective way to reduce waste is to not create it and if it had to be created it should then be recycled or reused. Paper Seed contains a wide range of eco-friendly products including the handcrafted seed flags. These products further provide job opportunities in rural areas. 

2. Gift Green

With a tagline of 'Don't throw me, grow me' Gift Green makes a variety of seed paper products including flags, diaries, visiting cards, invites etc. It uses seeds of tomato, basil, herbs, vegetables and flowers that grow easily in Indian weather conditions.

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3. Re-write 

With an aim to reduce the plastic waste and conserve the environment, seed flags from Re-write specifically have tulsi seeds as the plant is considered as holy in some communities. They believe that true patriotism lies in loving one's country and nature as a whole.  

4. Shruti Dhadich

Not just non-profits or organisations but even an individual can go a long way in making a difference. Mumbai based Shruti Dadhich also sells seed flags which are originally manufactured in Jaipur. These handmade seed papers are made out of cotton waste, glue and seeds as their raw material. These flags just cost ₹10 per piece. 



5. Chinu Kwatra 

Chinu Kwatra who is famous for his Dadar beach clean up initiative with 'Beach Warriors' has also been very active with his other environmental initiatives. He also sells seed flags at just ₹20 per piece. 

In the times when we urgently need to raise more awareness about the environment and at the same time respect our national flag, seed flags come up as a great solution for both. Get ready to reap what you sow.

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