Independence Day 2020: Mumbai in 1947

Let's rewind the history of Mumbai in 1947 or Bombay as one would call it back then.

Independence Day 2020: Mumbai in 1947

On August 15, 1947, India earned Independence. The year 2020, marks 73 years of freedom for the country. Therefore, it is pertinent that we know and understand the struggle behind the movement which has been retold over the years by several people.

On the day the country completes 73 years of Independence, Maharashtra, and Mumbai, along with the rest of the country is battling the coronavirus. It becomes somewhat important that we understand Mumbai in 1947 (or Bombay as one would call it back then) to grasp the essence of struggle or resilience the city has showcased since time immemorial.

Bombay which grew into a leading commercial centre of British India during the 19th century had its base in textile mills and overseas trade. The city in 1947 was one of the few industrial centres of India where strong unions accomplished great feats, particularly company or enterprise-based unions, often in foreign-owned firms.

The Indian National movement, which happens to be one of the biggest national movements ever witnessed in modern society, was created with a common aim of inculcating diverse political and ideological currents proving that such diversity could exist and work simultaneously.

After India gained independence from the British rule, the area of Bombay State increased, after several erstwhile princely states joined the Indian union they were integrated into the Bombay State. Subsequently, Bombay City, the capital of erstwhile Bombay Presidency, became the capital of Bombay State.

Moreover, following communal riots between the Hindus and Muslims in the post-independence time, over 1,00,000 Sindhi Hindu refugees from Pakistan were relocated in the military camps five kilometres from Kalyan in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It was converted into a township in 1949 and was named Ulhasnagar by the then Governor-General of India.

On the other hand, after 1947, the Hindi Film Industry grew considerably. It received intense political attention and new sources of governmental funding after the struggle for Independence. It fuelled filmmakers to embark newer technologies and imbibe them into filmmaking, making the industry what it is today.

This year, in the midst of the pandemic, the true spirit of patriotism probably lies in keeping yourself and your family safe. Therefore, in remembrance of the sacrifices of the many in the country, let us abide by the social distancing protocols and stay at home as much as possible during these testing times.  

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