Megahertz’18: The festival of the dead comes alive for two days

Megahertz, the annual cultural festival for Bachelor of Mass Media students recently entered its fifth year on November 30 and the theme for the mass media festival was, “Dia de Los Muertos, The Day of The Dead!”

Megahertz’18: The festival of the dead comes alive for two days

Megahertz, the annual BMM festival of K.J. Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce, is back and this year, Megahertz takes a lighter, festive tone, bringing back to life the celebrities who unfortunately aren’t with us anymore, but who still live on in our hearts, through the theme of Dia de Los Muertos, The Day of The Dead!

Participants from over twenty BMM colleges in Mumbai indulged in healthy competition in various events involving Performing Arts, Photography, Sports, Digital Art, and various elements of Mass Media. Each contingent (college) was assigned a deceased celebrity's name in order to avoid partial judgments throughout the festival.

The festival was inaugurated by musician and veteran singer, and Bigg Boss 12 participant Anup Jalota who mentioned the visit to the college as a “nostalgic feeling” as he emblems every person as an “ever-learning student”. He said,

I am really glad to be here but this isn’t the first time I have been associated with the college. The enthusiasm is charming and propels a positive vibe which is a great thing as these youngsters are the constructors of New India.”

Accordingly, the events were framed with an essence of the deadly theme which resulted in events such as, “Blast From The Past”, an RJ event where the participants had to talk with the allotted deceased celebrity, “Handle the Scandal”, an investigative journalism event where contingents had to prepare a report on the basis of provided facts, and so on.

However, the major attraction of the media festival was their dance event, “Battle Symphony” which garnered massive participation from the contestants and resulted in a ‘battle of the best’.

Another crowd-puller that witnessed participation from around 11 colleges was the treasure hunt event, “First To The Finish” which made the participants roam around the college campus collecting clues and eventually achieving the title of “Winner Winner, Paneer Dinner” for themselves.

When asked about how they decided upon the theme of the festival, the brainchild behind the idea, Shweta Moghe, the Events Head for Megahertz’18 exclaimed,

We live in a world surrounded by so many brilliant artists that are spreading their art for the greater good. However, many of them are not present amongst us and yet, they still continue to spread the happiness and joy. Such celebrities need to revered and their art must be rejuvenated. For the artist dies but their art never does. This year was a tribute to such people and thus, The Day of The Dead.”

While the competition may have resulted in an individual contingent winning the title for the cultural festival, the two-day festival brought together talented people and set up a platform for them to showcase their art. Because the artist may die but their art never does!

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