Malhar 2018: Skin coloured clothes a strict 'NO' at St. Xavier's College this year

The rule has been brought in by the college authorities and the festival organisers to avoid any sort of mishap at one of the biggest college cultural festivals in Mumbai


Malhar, the famous college festival in Mumbai hosted by St. Xavier's College is scheduled for this month. 

The college fest is much loved amongst the youth and every year, the inter-collegiate festival has something progressive to offer. However, managing such a festival is a humongous task and hence, some regulations are set to ensure the smooth working of the grand event. However, this year due to ‘no skin colour clothes’ rule, several youngsters have been left confused.

Along with ‘no skin colour clothes’ rule, short clothes too were prohibited a few years back. These rules are made by the college authorities to avoid any sort of wrongdoings from taking place. While several students asked the rule to be scrapped, the college authorities and festival organisers have refused to back down.

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Bhuvan Majumdar, a member of the organising team of Malhar, stated that the rule was made three to four years ago as a precaution and for security purposes. He added that any kind of skin-revealing clothes too has been banned.

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