I want to stay away from the kind of badnaami where people don't like my work: Divyendu Sharma

In an exclusive conversation with Mumbai Live, Bollywood actor Divyendu Sharma talks about his upcoming ZEE5 films, Badnaam Galli. He also shares his thought on the subjects he would want to create awareness about.


We, In India, live with a lot of taboo, but thankfully, the mindset on various topics is changing and people are open to accepting each other's choices and appreciating them. Filmmakers have also included such topics in their craft, to ensure that the movies are content driven and entertaining. One such topic is surrogacy, where people question the integrity and related aspects to one's choice.

Zee5's recently released film, Badnaam Galli, also focuses on this subject. Wrapped around an interesting story and comic elements, this film, starring Divyendu Sharma and Patralekha, talks about how many people in the society perceive this subject. Talking about the same, the leading lad of the film said, "I would like to say that Surrogacy is personal, but beautiful. It is about bringing happiness to one's life. It is a personal choice and the least we could do is not judge them. They are not taking anything away, and are only bringing more happiness. A lot of people aren't aware of what it is and the process, but they think adversely about it."

In many cases today, it has been observed that the audience chooses not to watch films with subjects like this. However, with evolving time, it is expected that drama with relatable content will make its way to the right people. Adding his thought, Divyendu said, "I don't think the audience is critical these days. A film like this will definitely watch it, and it is across age group. One needs to appreciate such concepts and I hope it helps change mentality, thereby understating that it isn't something to be ashamed of."

Thanks to social media, personalities today are open to using their power of words, thereby influence society and guide them in their right way. On being asked about what the three subjects which Divyendu would like to create awareness about and help get rid of the badnaami tag, he said, "It would be sex before marriage (because it is love at the end of the day) homosexuality and the freedom to choose, and let people live the way they want to, with their choices."

ZEE5 is one of the platforms which has stepped in the digital film release market, thereby helping many filmmakers not have the fear of Box Office returns and collections, which usually bother many, during the theatrical releases. On understanding, if the pressure is less even for an actor, he said, "We are still new in this space and we are like toddlers. There is a lot happening and we'll eventually reach there, by delivering the content of top-notch quality. The pressure is less but at the same time, there is alternate pressure about competition in terms of content, where people may choose shows like GoT, House of cards and many others. The good thing is to not spend money, but it is certain that the content needs to be engaging."

Divyendu further said that he was happy with what he has achieved in his career so far, stating that there are very few actors who have played roles of different polarity. The audience has liked him both as liquid and Munna. But, on a closing note, he said that what he fears is the day when people wouldn't like my acting, and that's the sort badnaami he doesn't wish to get into.