Private Buses have to form agreement with schools

Private Buses have to form agreement with schools

According to a new rule given by the High Court, now the school buses, rickshaws, taxis and vans will also be used to carry the children of schools. Private schools buses will not get approval until they make an agreement. This rule will be applicable from this year.

In 2011, the PTA (Parents Teacher Association) filed a petition in the High Court that the rules for regularising school buses in schools are not being followed. While hearing the petition, the court said that it would be mandatory for the buses to enter into the schools. If the buses which have not had an agreement in schools, buses can not carry children. The court also directed the Transport Department to look into the matter.

In 2011, the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) was formed in view of the safety of schoolchildren. According to the rules prepared in it, the schools which have trained drivers on buses should be required to have 5 years of experience in running the vehicles. Not only this, the rules were made for buses such as the bus mustn't be 15 years old, there should be safety criteria in buses, buses should have emergency windows, buses should not accommodate extra children, fire fighting equipment must be available.

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