Law students to protest against Mumbai University's "casual behaviour"

There has been confusion among law students regarding their examination process after Mumbai University removed the circular from its official website


Mumbai University (MU) has decided to conduct examinations for the law students, implementing a new method. After many students protested against this decision, the university removed the circular - addressing the matter - from its website creating confusion among the law students and they have decided to protest regarding the same on Tuesday, September 18. 

MU has introduced the class category method for law students which has been authorised by the University Grant Commission (UGC). According to the circular issued by Mumbai University, law students will be examined on the basis of 60/40 method. 

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In this method, it is mandatory for the students to score 18 marks out of 60 and 12 marks out of 40. Law students will have to score 40 per cent in total for passing the examination. Students opine that this method will make it easy to pass the examination and is not productive.

Law Students have decided to protest against the university administration to oppose their decision. The protest will be held by the Student Law Council at the Kalina Campus. 

Mumbai University has removed the circular which introduced the new examinations method. Also, there has been no clarity, if the students from the first or second year will be included in this. We will protest on Tuesday against the casual behaviour of the university,” Student Law Council President Sachin Pawar.

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