And the 'queen' speaks

And the 'queen' speaks

Mumbai- Few in the Bollywood industry are as unapologetic, strong, opinionated and candid as Kangana Ranaut is. The Queen actress is not one to mince her words & is known for calling a spade a spade. In an interview to Mid-Day, Kangana made a snarky comment against her contemporaries Deepika Padukone & Priyanka Chopra who’ve recently set foot on foreign soil. Kangana said, “It would be stupid for anyone to make the move to the West now.

Their theatre business is crashing because of the influx of digital media. Asia, on the other hand, is where Hollywood was 15 years ago. It is a lucrative time for entertainment here. These are baits that I won’t fall prey to.” Trust Kangana to leave us all entertained whenever she speaks.