Best Web Series Of 2021 To Binge-Watch Before The Year Ends

With the rise in content in different genres, viewers were treated with overwhelmingly fabulous content from different platforms where they were spoilt for choice.

Best Web Series Of 2021 To Binge-Watch Before The Year Ends

Looking back at 2021 one can reminisce about the unique and exciting content watched throughout the year. A major portion of the year has gone by binge-watching shows on content streaming platforms or OTT platforms from the comfort of your home.

With the rise in content in different genres, viewers were treated with overwhelmingly fabulous content from different platforms where they were spoilt for choice. Binge-watch the wonderful shows listed below.


An underdog team of 4 passionate gamers and one coach come together to participate in a major e-sports tournament. The show encapsulates the drama around competing for a tough e-sports tournament. Featuring Vishal Vashishtha as the lead, the series exhibits this present reality of e-sports in India and urges youths to consider the potential in this industry.

Family Man S2

The Family Man is a must watch as it is a fun-filled series that manages to keep you at the edge of your seats. The story revolves around Srikant (actor Manoj Bajpayee), a middle-class man who works for a clandestine government agency, dealing with a rather high-profile commitment and dedication to serving while wanting to protect his family. The connections between the family members of this show will make you laugh yet to get a parent point of view in a hypothetical situation as well. 


Gullak is set in the backdrop of a middle-class family in a small north Indian town, trying to get by within their modest means. The constant need to ramp up their living standard sometimes gets them into tricky and complicated situations. The character of mother Shanti, played by Geetanjali Kulkarni makes a superb pivot as the spouse-and-mother who keeps the ball rolling yet still irks everybody except with sufficient energy that drives the family to bring out the best in them.

Mumbai Diaries

A medical drama set against the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai it stars Mohit Raina and Konkana Sen Sharma among others. The series takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride as it highlights the terror attacks that shook Mumbai on November 26, 2008. The show sheds light on the plight of the medical workers in the emergency room of a government hospital during the attacks. If you haven’t watched it already it definitely must be on your watch list before the year ends.


Cartel is a story of five underworld gangsters who rule Mumbai with their business. The story is driven by Raani Maai played by the versatile Supriya Pathak. It features how 5 crime masters, situated in various spaces of the city, conduct their criminal operations. The gangs are eager for power and the only ones to utilize their knowledge will manage the hidden world of Mumbai.

Operation MBBS S2

In its second season, the show brings to light the sacrifices made by the medical community when the pandemic hit the world. The series also covers the intense 2nd year of MBBS, along with new twists in the lives of its protagonists, played by Ayush Mehra, Sarah Hashmi, and Anshul Chauhan as well as Geetanjali Kulkarni.


Aspirants, a mini-series on TVF revolves around the story of 3 UPSC students and their struggle to clear their examination. The story shifts between the past that shows the struggle of the aspirants to prepare for the UPSC exam and the present which shows the aftermath of the exam.

Little Things S4

After 3 successful seasons over the years, Little Things came up with the season finale this year. This show revolves around the millennial couple, Dhruv and Kavya as they navigate through responsibilities, adulthood and growing up together. It has shown the details of everyday life and how it made the feeling of love so beautiful. 

Bombay Begums

Bombay Begums showcases the lives of 5 women from various walks of life in Mumbai, as they try to hustle their way around the chauvinistic culture and break stereotypes. Though divided by socio-economic disparity, these women are seen as united in their struggle to stay relevant and to be heard in the city of dreams, Mumbai.

Hostel Daze S2

Hostel Daze is based on an adult drama that focuses on the life of college students and their life in the hostel. Whereas season 1 highlighted the stress and drama around examinations, Season 2, however, focused more on the hostel life and the adventures and experiences of the hostel life. This season shows the cast as the senior students and a whole lot of drama that entails the second-year students.

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