Bahubali 2: Best FICTIONAL EPIC made in Indian cinema ever - MASTERPIECE

    Bahubali 2: Best FICTIONAL EPIC made in Indian cinema ever - MASTERPIECE
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    India's most loved fictional epic Bahubali was released 658 days ago, and the story ended on a high note which left the audience across the world curious to know the answer of one of the most important and spoken about questions in Indian cinema - Why did Kattapa kill Bahubali?
    And finally, 2 years later, director S S Rajamouli is back with the answer, in the conclusion of the epic. But is the movie as good as the first release? Does it have the high points as before?

    Well, it is right to ask all these questions, as the expectations were preset by the Bahubali in 2015.

    Here is the review of the film in some points...

    • The movie opens with the flashback as expected. Amarendra Bahubali is about to take the throne but his brother Bhalladeva is not happy. He has his own cruel plans and plays his cards to the best to avoid Bahubali by taking the throne. Well, it wouldn't be a spoiler if I said that he does, but how? That's for you to find out.
    • The script and the plot of the film is phenomenal, but the storytelling is more like a parabola – where the start of the film is slow, then takes a high point and the interest level drops for few minutes towards the end.
    • The background score of the film is very impressive, to an extent that it only adds a lot to the experience. But the songs (which are dubbed in Hindi) are not at par. Besides the Mahishmati anthem, none of the other songs aren't really pleasing enough to listen.
    • Bahubali, as we know, is all about kingdom politics and action. The action sequences of the film are very well choreographed. In some places, towards the climax, one might see flaws in practicality of the stunt, but it is easy to let go if we keep in mind that it is a fictional epic and the characters have already been portrayed showing immense strength.
    • VFX and CG are two important aspects of Bahubali, but if you’re expecting it to be outstanding, then you would be disappointed. It is highly impressive, because the degree of creativity used in these 2 films is a benchmark for Indian cinema. But, there are sequences where one can identify the effects, without a doubt.
    • The best and the most important part of the film which I loved is the cast. The characters played by these actors are written without flaws and to the best. Moreover, all the actors have portrayed their role with finesse – and this stands true for both the films.

    To sum it up, Bahubali is one of the best made films in Indian cinema. The story, cast, action and thought behind delivering this masterpiece deserve applause. As mentioned before, this film by Rajamouli and his team will serve as a benchmark, if ever a fictional epic has to be made again in the future.

    And finally, to answer the question - Yes, the answer for the most loved question in India is revealed very clearly in the film. Also, there is a bleak possibility that you will get to know the answer much before it is revealed – it is quite clear, if you follow the cues.

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