Review: Hindi Medium - A Strong and Sensible Satire

    Review: Hindi Medium - A Strong and Sensible Satire
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    Cast: Irrfan Khan, Saba Qamar, Deepak Dobriyal, and Amrita Singh

    Rating: 3.5/5

    Be it rich or poor, every Indian parent has faced some degree of trouble while seeking admission for their child in a school. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that the pain and plight is felt the most by the poor as the rich and the ones who can afford are sadly awarded the seat. Education system in India, both private and public, has always been questioned, for they are said to be focused on factors like business, corruption, image, dignity, societal status and not the values. While the public schools suffer due to poor governance, the demands of the private schools are way too difficult to fulfill, for many.

    The nation has constitutionalised the Right to Education act, but do the ones in need reap the benefits? What measures does the government take to improve? Does language and parents' qualification matter for the child's admission? We all have discussed this within our circle but it remained only a discussion, because many of us found a way to solve our issues.

    Maddock films' Hindi medium completely focuses on the above topics and gives you realistic answers to these questions. Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar are from a well to do family and have a daughter. The wife only wishes that the daughter, Pia, studies in the top schools in Delhi and the husband agrees with the thought. But with an intensive process and impractical demands, will they be able to find a school? What changes they bring to their lives and how do the circumstances change their perception and mannerism? Irrfan and Saba's story takes you through the journey.

    The plot of the film is simple and realistic - true to the current scenario in the nation. Within the first few minutes the actors showcase their chemistry. Both the leads have distinguishing character sketch which is very well knit with emotions, and that comes across very well in the film. Irrfan and Saba's portrayal of a couple is very convincing and endearing to watch.

    Deepak Dobriyal is highly entertaining as always. His role of large hearted poor man will - make you emotional and at the same time laugh - all through the story. Amrita Singh as principal, has a small role, but adds nothing valuable onscreen.

    Overall, the film is quite entertaining as the actors convincingly take you through a relatable journey of issues which throw light on language barrier, education system, societal bias and more - and that makes it special. The climax is to some extent predictable, but that wouldn't affect the experience. Worth a watch? Yes, certainly a one-timer!

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