New Year 2021: Bollywood, TV Celebs share their plans and resolutions

Popular TV serial and movie female actors Smita Bansal, Ratan Rajput, Mayuri Deshmukh and Mita Vashisht discuss on how they will welcome 2022

New Year 2021: Bollywood, TV Celebs share their plans and resolutions

 As the countdown to 2022 begins, these popular TV serial and Bollywood female actors -- Smita Bansal, Mayuri Deshmukh, Ratan Rajput and Mita Vashisht -- share how they will ring out the old and welcome the new year; they also discuss personal resolutions and the dreams that they hope will come true in the year to come.  

Smita Bansal says, “This special time is dedicated to my family, and I always make sure that  my two daughters and my husband are with me to welcome the  new year. This year, we haven’t planned anything yet but most probably, we will have a quiet new year at home or spend time with the extended family. As the pandemic has made us all  realise the importance of health and fitness, my resolution is to ensure that my family and I continue to work towards improving our immunity by eating healthy and staying active. I want these early habits to build a strong foundation for my daughters and to work out and stay as fit as possible in 2022.”

Veteran actor Mita Vashisht plans to celebrate new year eve with her mother in the Delhi winter. She says, “I can see myself  with a lovely, little bonfire on our terrace, soaking in the golden warmth of the flames under an open sky.”

As for her resolutions, she says,  they remain unchanged from 2021 and adds, “I  want to work towards remaining healthy in every way and taking good care of  the people around me. I hope to extend  love and do whatever I can to be of help to people. The third is of course to stay committed to my path and continue to treat acting as a sacred calling. So, I will continue to ensure that I only say ‘yes’  to roles that I totally believe in and totally love. I’m also making  a much stronger commitment to only choose roles that are nothing less than the best, in terms of both content and visibility.”

Television and theatre actor Ratan Rajput shares, “I would like to welcome the new year by doing something that I’ve never done. I’d like to celebrate it with  new people, in a new place and break out of  familiar, old patterns. I also love travelling, so I’d like to do more of that in 2022. I don’t believe in making  resolutions but in breaking them! I will hence try to break all the resolutions I’ve made over the past many years and would like to do everything that I haven’t done till now in the year to come. So, let’s see what shows up on this list.”

Actor Mayuri Deshmukh shares, “For me, the new year’s eveNew Year’s Eve will be a quiet one. There will be a nice dinner with family at home and just a happy, cosy time with loved ones. I have no plans  to go anywhere as of now, but  I don’t know if last moment plans come up. But usually, I’m at home on the 31st because it’s too crowded outside and I don’t really like the noise and the chaos. As for a resolution for 2020, it will be to focus more on the inner journey  and live life to its fullest potential. 

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